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Excel tournament bracket template double elimination

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Excel tournament bracket template double elimination

This article proposes in détail templates Excel tournament bracket double elimination, convenient and easy to use that you can download right now.

Microsoft Excel software under a Windows environment is required to use these templates.

These Excel tournament bracket template double elimination work on all Excel versions since Excel 2007.

Example of a ready-to-use spreadsheet: Download this table in Excel format (.xls), and fill it in with your specific information.

To be able to use these models correctly, you must first activate the macros at startup.

The file to download contains four templates Excel tournament bracket double elimination entirely to your needs.

  • Model Excel 3 Team Double Elimination
  • Model Excel 7 Team Double Elimination
  • Model for Basketball Tournament Bracket
  • Model Double Elimination Tournament Brackets


1 Determine how many teams will be in your tournament.                                    

2 Click on the number below to go to the proper worksheet. If you don't see your exact number, pick the closest one that is just higher than what you need. To return to the instructions, click on the Instruction link located at the top of each sheet.                             

3 If your tournament is seeded, place the name of the team next to the proper seed number. If your tournament is not seeded, then uncheck the "Show Seed" check box located at the top of the selected sheet and randomly place your teams.                                       

4 If you have open starting positions, place BYE as the Team Name in these slots.         

5 Conduct games in the order they are numbered to balance breaks for each team. Uncheck the "Show Game Number" check box to hide the game numbers.      

6 As the tournament progresses, update your bracket either by hand or in Excel. Include scores in the gray boxes. Winners progress to the right in the Winner's bracket. On a team's first loss, they will drop down into the Loser's bracket. The final game will be between the winner of the Winner's bracket and the winner of the Loser's bracket. BYEs automatically advance to the Loser's bracket.                                                                                 

7          If the winner of the Winner's bracket losses in the final game, then the game is replayed to decide the winner because no one is out of the tournament until they lose twice.