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Tutoriel sur la Comparaison des outils d'animation 3D Poser et Maya

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Comparison of 3D Animation Tools: Poser and Maya


It is easy to take computer graphics for granted nowadays. More and more are we seeing products of multimedia technology that includes 3D Animations. The creative and economical use of 3D animation can be evidenced in many of the released animated features like games or movies. Backgrounds, camera moves, crowd scenes, and machines of all descriptions have been modeled and animated digitally. 3D companies are striving to improve the entertainment value of their products. The images created with these tools will become more and more sophisticated with each passing year.

In this paper, two of the newest 3D Animation Software will be discussed and compared. One of the software is named Poser, and the other one is Maya.

The two tools 

Poser 5

Poser 5 is the ultimate 3D-character design and animation tool for artists and animators. It allows animators to create 3D figures by using a diverse collection of ready-to-use 3D human and animal models. Poser’s innovative interface makes figure design, posing, and animating fast and easy. This product is innovated by Curious Labs, Inc.


•   Poser 5 allows you to create new highly accurate male, female and children figures with photo-realistic texture in all poses.

•   Poser 5 lets you map facial photos to add personal touch to the figure.

•   Poser 5 allows you to manipulate facial expressions.

•   With Poser 5, you can grow dynamic hair that can be styled and animated. It allows you to make it thick or thin, straight or curly, or even use it to create realistic fur or grass. 

•   Poser 5 allows you to create realistic dynamic cloth and make it flow and drape around any object in your scene. 

•   Poser 5 lets you build powerful node-based material shades to create any material texture.

•   You can produce astounding results with FireFly, Poser 5’s all-new hybrid micropolygon and Ray Trace render engine with subdivision surface rendering of polygons. 

•   The Poser 5 Content CD contains a host of extras including sound files, props, and textures. 


Sample Animation:Maya

Maya 3D Animation and effects software is used to create engaging digital imagery, animation, and visual effects. With its unprecedented flexibility and extensibility, Maya became a tool that animators and visual effects artists could use to achieve previously unattainable levels of productivity and creativity. An extensive range of industry like games, film and video, and web media have relied heavily on Maya as their product solutions. Maya comes in two main versions: Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited. Maya Unlimited is more recent and advanced than Maya Complete. This product is developed by Alias, the world's leading innovator of 3D graphics technology.



•    Maya5 allows you to simulate and render a huge variety of atmospheric, pyrotechnic, viscous liquid, and open ocean effects (for example: water droplets)  

•    Maya5 allows you to do Inverse kinematics (for example: to realistically simulate human limb movement)

•    Maya5 makes it possible for you to simulate a wide variety of digital clothing and other fabric objects.

•    Maya 5 allows you to easily create realistic fur, short hair, wool, and grass.

•    Maya 5 lets you create physical effects (simulate colliding objects, object deforming under pressure, etc). 

•    Maya 5 lets you match 3D elements with live action shots.

Some facts about Maya:

•    Maya was honored with an Oscar statuette in 2003, which is the highest award in Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

•    Maya was used to create six of the top 10 best-selling PlayStation 2 titles in the 2002 holiday season.

•    Maya contributed to eight films that are nominated at the 2003 Academy Awards.


Sample animation:

Price comparison




Maya Unlimited 5


Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Pro, RedHat Linux 7.3 or 8.0, SGI IRIX 6.2.15, Mac OS 10.2.4 or higher

Poser 5


Windows 98se, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Mac

OS 10.2 or later

Advantages and disadvantages 




Maya 5

•   Maya 5 has limitless expandability and custom capabilities. 

•   Maya is complete out of the box with no robust plug-in or add on package upgrades needed.

•   Maya 5 has faster project load times than other 3D programs.

•   Enhanced and new file formats let users transfer data between Maya and other applications. Newly supported file formats include: Flash, DWG, Adobe Illustrator, Encapsulated PostScript, and Scalable Vector Graphics.

•   Maya's talent pool is the biggest in the industry. It

•   High price/expensive

•   It’s advanced features limit the use to more professional users. 

currently holds 50% of the market and is gaining each year.

Poser 5

Poser 5 quickly generates fast and dynamic results.

Majority of the tools are accessible        from    floating palettes and windows.

More   new     features             that include the Hair room, Cloth room, and Face room.

Poser 5 can quickly output movies and images from posed figures for content in Web, print, and video projects.

It contains CD with additional content including sound files, props, textures,             templates, samples, and demos.

Poser 5 is more affordable and user-friendly than Maya.

Poser 5 needs high system requirement. It needs a fast CPU and large memory size. 

Poser 5 can only be used for human and animal features.

New users might find more difficulties in understanding the terminologies.

Target Users

Maya :

•   Maya is more targeted to professional graphic artists/designers and design companies.

•   The customers of Maya include: CNN, Disney, Nintendo, Core Design Limited, Sega, Pixar, Sony Pictures, Industrial Light & Magic.


•   Poser covers a wider range of target users, starting from beginners and home users to professional animators and design companies.

•   The customers of Poser include: Henkel Graphics and KTF Productions.


Maya Unlimitedand Poser 5 are two 3D Animation  technologies that have been developed recently. Although Maya is much more advanced than Poser, each software has its own special features that is aimed at specific target users. In the dynamic world of multimedia technology, we can be sure that more advanced 3D Animation tools and technologies will be seen.

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